Packaging supply store

A Little About Us

Welcome to COMPACK. We are a Packaging Company based in India.

We began our journey in 2018 as 'D.U.S.T. Factory' and since then we have packaged more than 5 Million products. We currently serve the Pharmaceutical, Home-Owned, Cosmetic, Food and Beverage, and FMCG markets with over 15 recurrent brands. 


Over these years, our company is passionately working on being a one-stop shop for:


1. Thorough Research & Design 

2. Packaging Design, Structure & Prototyping

3. Procuring wide range of Packaging Materials 

( Plastic packaging, paper packaging, tin packaging & industrial packaging supplies) 

4. Recycling and EPR Solutions


We are team who continue to build and grow. We love to explore untapped territories, take up challenges to design innovative packaging and explore creative solutions . Our goal is to streamline the packaging journey of your product from Creation, Presentation to its After-Life. We are a Complete Packaging Ecosystem.

Your Expert Suppliers

Supplying the best quality packaging materials to our customers since 2018, we’ve come a long way in development & execution of our concept. Its not about a single consignment we look after but building long term relationships with you by being consistent on quality & service.  We work with companies